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6 ° of Separation

April 7th, 2008 (07:53 pm)

emotion: RUSHED

I havent had a lot of time to do much of anything but its been a long long long while since I made a jrock review post so yup here goes.

Random ref#1:: MORRISSEY: CAMINO --> (Too many other bands to mention so we'll skip ahead to the ones you are familiar with) --> FAKE? <--> DIG DAG


LUNA SEA - Complete Best
Random ref#2:: INORAN --> LS --> FAKE? -->TOURBILLON <--> Solo

And because I'm tired as #!&$ a nice pretty pic of the LUNA SEA Complete Best from a

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Earth Hour - North America

March 29th, 2008 (02:39 pm)

emotion: annoyed

It doesn't hurt you to participate and it may make a difference. We do it at my job every week.

Turn the lights off, etc at 8pm tonight.


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4 Sale

March 8th, 2008 (05:27 pm)

(Taking good example of selling idea from you because you're my homie like Jesus is J's)...

Time to clean house a bit.

Rare, brand new, and nearly mint condition Jrock items for sale.

LUNA SEA, INORAN, FAKE? OBLIVION DUST hard to get items being sold.

Items are Brand New and in Mint Condition unless noted. Extra j-rock flyers included with every order.

Price as shown or best offer. Please let me know what item(s) you're interested in and what country you live in so I can calculate the shipping cost for you.

Paypal only. And serious buyers.

All comments screened for customer confidentiality. Please direct all questions on my lj, thanks!

LUNA SEACollapse )
INORANCollapse )
Oblivion DustCollapse )
FAKE?Collapse )

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Distraction? Yesh.

January 5th, 2008 (12:56 pm)
listening: Craw Fish - DIG DAG

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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November 8th, 2007 (12:12 pm)

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DMC4 goodness.....

September 24th, 2007 (07:54 am)

Screw it. I am so buying a PS3 for this game.

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Speed Racer May 9th, 2008

August 21st, 2007 (08:25 am)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Starring: Christian Oliver, Christina Ricci, Emile Hirsch, Rain, John Goodman, Kick Gurry, Matthew Fox, Melvil Poupaud, Paulie Litt, Richard Roundtree, Roger Allam, Susan Sarandon

Directed by: Wachowski brothers and Tamio Ôki

Other info


I'm still up in the air about this movie.
Some of the American actors/actresses and their roles I'm a little weary of. And I know its not out for a while but I'm hoping its not too...kiddish?  Even though the Wachowski brothers are directing it, I hope that the storyline and characterizations they're developing will be just as great as the CG, etc.

In other kinda related news,

I guess Gackt will be throwing a temper tantrum in a year, huh.

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Ota what? ...yea, exactly.

July 24th, 2007 (07:13 am)

emotion: working
listening: Wheels Over Me - Mew

Bad grammar starts here:

Alright so a coworker of mine hasnt been able to get to the Otakon so I thought I'd take a few pics for him and do a..."Day in the life of Otakon'07" or something like that and since he's being lazy and wont make an lj I thought I'd drag him onto a public post anyway : P

Inside of the Otakon was as exciting as watching a 80 year old woman running across the street at 5 miles per hour this year to me.  No good bands = omg wtf rusrious c u l8r in my book but n e way, making the most of it, I think I spent about 6 hours in total inside the con and two hours of that was watching Eminence (good actually) but we tried to do the best we could with what we had nonetheless.

We went to Morton's to dine on some exquisite steak. However, the Bmore Morton's was making a poor attempt in that aspect and I had to send my steak back twice. But...we did get to watch a waiter who had the physique of a Chip & Dale stripper who had it in all the right places it looked like.  So to keep ourselves entertained as we waited for the meal, everytime he walked we made the Axe commercial "Bwamp shigga Bwamp Bwamp!" music as, I'm serious, the little light that was in the dinning hall bounced off his booty. I kid you not! Hmmm...maybe my coworker doesn't want all this information so...moving on..

The line wrapping around the building on both sides.

Went to the dealers room to buy one or two things. Stuck around long enough to try and make a vid of one of the many sword booths before I got shut down with the 'No photography please!' from the guy behind the counter.

Kept on moving to the next booth and took a few pics of the most cosplayed animes and other interesting ones while I walked.

Also, met up with Misha who I remembered meeting from last year and picked up some stuff from her before doing a little bit of SKINonline promo before evening rolled around. But I was happy to see Misha again and glad we were able to talk for a bit ^^

All Your Blood R Belong to Gloomy.

And um....that's about it for the day side of the con :D

(...I know not much of the other pics you were looking for, I still don't have them :x they're on my friends camera and hers wasn't digital so you'll have to wait a bit longer. Get a lj account so I can post them to you! >< :P)

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Singer Rain Postpones US Concerts

June 11th, 2007 (03:20 pm)

The Korea Times
By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

K-pop superstar Rain postponed his concerts in the United States this month, as he faces a lawsuit over the use of the name ``Rain.''

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, was originally scheduled to hold concerts in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 15, Atlanta, Georgia on June 19, New York City on June 23, San Francisco on June 27, and Los Angeles on June 30. This was part of his ``World Tour 2006-2007 Rain's Coming,'' which ends this month.

However, Rain Corporation filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Rain, his former management agency JYP Entertainment, Ltd. and concert organizer Star M Entertainment over the use of the name ``Rain.'' The case was filed at the Nevada district court in Reno last February 16.

Rain Corporation, a music company, claimed it has the copyright over ``Rain,'' which is the name of its Beatles tribute band. According to its Web site www.rainthebeatlesexperience.com, four OLD American musicians formed the band in the mid-1970s. They named themselves Rain, after the title of a Beatles song.

Since the filing of the lawsuit, Rain's U.S. concert promotional posters had been changed to ``Ji-hoon's World Tour 2007.'' It is still unknown when Rain will resume his U.S. concert tour.
Rain is scheduled to start filming for the Hollywood film ``Speed Racer'' next month in Germany.


Yea, we know what this is really all about.

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June 6th, 2007 (07:09 am)

New pic for up coming album.